Get Caught Reading Month

I recently discovered that May is Get Caught Reading Month, which means that May just might be my favorite month now. I could seriously read all day every day and be okay with it. But alas, there is a little thing called real life that gets in the way. So for now, I read in the calm(er), quiet(er) moments.

Right now I’m reading The Matchmakers of Minnow Bay by Kelly Harms, and the other two books I plan on getting through this month are The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn and The Dream Daughter by Diane Chamberlain.

To help inspire you to pick up a book this month (and remind myself of all those quiet moments), I’ve made a list of all the places you can get caught reading.

  • In the yard while you soak up some rays or practice selective hearing as your kids run around
  • In the car while you’re having the oil changed or are waiting in the school pick-up lane (obviously only after you turn your car off – no fender benders!), or while stuck in traffic if you have an audio book
  • In the bathtub — although you don’t actually want to get caught here so lock the door and enjoy a few minutes of peace!
  • At the gym — read a paperback while on an exercise bike or listen to an audio book while on the treadmill
  • In the waiting room at the doctor’s or dentist’s office — you know all their magazines are old anyway
  • In the kitchen while you’re waiting for dinner to finish cooking
  • In bed — preferably not an e-book because tablets emit blue lights which mess with your sleep)
  • In line at the store — if you’re like me, you probably already pull out your phone while you’re in line, so why not download a book to kill some time rather than scrolling through your social media feeds for the tenth time that day?
  • At the park on a bench or lounging under the shade of a tree — if you have your kids with you though, make sure the book won’t distract you from keeping an eye on them (I’ve read many books that I get lost in and end up completely ignoring the outside world ha ha)
  • At work on your lunch break — this is a great way to decompress and get your mind off the million emails that are awaiting you when you finish eating
  • On the couch rather than fighting your partner/roommate/kids for the remote control
  • At the library or book store, where you can read the first few pages of a book to see if you’re going to like it or not
  • At a restaurant if you’re lucky enough to get an hour to yourself
  • While getting a pedicure — so relaxing!

So there you go. Let me know if you have any good spots to get in a few pages (or fifty!).

Happy reading!

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