The Words We Hold Deep

Okay guys, Christmas is coming early this year. I’m going to share a little about the novel I’m writing. No need to thank me; I know it’s the present you’ve been wanting since I started this website.

The Words We Hold Deep is about the complicated relationship between the women in the Clark family after tragedy strikes. One of the underlying themes is the fear of being honest. It’s about the things they wish they could say but are too afraid to say. About the truths that they keep hidden, sometimes even from themselves.

First there is Willow. A strong-willed artist raised by her grandparents, she has more questions than answers and a deep fear of commitment. What will she do when her inability to open up threatens her relationship with the man she loves?

Then there is Evie. A free-spirit who lets her grief define her. Will she be able to not only admit her mistakes, but forgive herself, and finally make amends with Willow?

The matriarch of the family is Bea, who holds onto secrets as tight as she can to keep the cracks in her family from breaking apart completely. Will she be successful?

We all know people who are honest to a fault. The ones who point out the spinach in your teeth, or that your pants make you look fat, or who tell you your business idea is awful. But I guarantee that even those kinds of people have their secrets. Hopes, dreams, fears, embarrassing or illicit moments. What happens when these things are let out? Is it cathartic or catastrophic? And on the other end, if you find out someone else’s deep-seeded secrets, does it change your feelings or opinions about that person? Can it help you understand them better, empathize with them more?

In my book I examine these questions and more. I’d love to hear any insight or personal experiences you want to share on this topic. Just comment below! And if you want to make sure you get all the latest updates on my book, follow this blog!



9 thoughts on “The Words We Hold Deep

  1. viramontes123

    I would not empathize with them ( call me heartless)but this is why. Free will. We all have a choice on how we handle certain situations/problem. You make a choice!… whether it was a good one or bad it was yours to make and with every choice their is a consequence.


  2. Julie Ridge

    I think deep seeded secrets can certainly change your perception of someone, and from my experience I really think it’s for the worse- especially if you can’t relate or you/society disproves of it.
    I think things that others keep “hidden” are usually things the person doesn’t want known, although it’s something that defines and shapes that person. I have always admired people more when they open up about things, events, experiences they are not proud of (“secrets”) but they learned from it… which help them grow and become a better person!
    However, I think when people hide secrets it’s becuase they are perfectly fine with the secret. The secret is an aspect of who they are, and they do not reveal it to most people… becuase they know it will be viewed poorly.
    I also believe learning secrets about another does help you understand a person more, learning their perspective on the experience does make you feel closer and empathize with them more, but if it’s not something you can not relate to, especially if it’s a really negative thing… I think others will distant themselves when the secret is revealed, and it does jeopardize the future of the relationship


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